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Large Call to Action Headline

Are you ready to get back on track?

It is time.

And we can help!

Fall Nutrition & Habit Reset

Sept. 6th- Oct. 6th


Are you ready to get back on track with your workouts, nutrition and overall habits?

Get ready! Our approach has helped many people, just like you, get the results they want. We will sit down with you and create a personalized plan to help YOU meet your goals.

Once you have a game plan, our coaches and community will keep you accountable and help you stay on track.

Are you ready to make some changes? We can help!

Sign up now and let's get ready to rock!

Our Nutrition & Habit Reset Includes:


The first place winner will receive $250 in cash and prizes

The second place winner wins over $150 in cash and prizes.

And third place gets $100 in cash and prizes.


Stay on target with the help of the community, coaches and your environment. Daily challenges keep you engaged and having fun!


You will meet with Dana to determine an individualized course of action to help you get the result you want. With over 10 years experience working with nutrition clients, Dana can help you formulate a game plan that works with your individual biology & natural tendencies.

InBody Scan

We will use our hospital grade, body composition InBody machine to establish baseline measurements. We will also measure again after the challenge.